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Ritter and Song quickly make it back to the others and explain what they’ve just seen. Before McCallum can start giving orders, it appears.
Instantly the team takes cover. Not a moment to soon as the intention of the combat walker is reveal. It opens up on the PathFinder Paladin with some sort of energy weapon. Luckily the vehicle was unoccupied as the energy burst cuts straight through the Paladin’s hull like a hot knife through butter.

The hostile action sparks a hail of small arm fire from the RDF. Song nearly loses his hearing when Ritter opens up with his mini gun. The walker Carries on, the weapons fire from the RDF seems to have little effect.

The walker adopts a firing posture and was about to shoot at Ritters and Song position. When, out of the blue a PathFinder comes racing in and smashes into the walker. An almighty crash fills the air. Colin looks up from his position as he rams another clip into his rifle.
“That’s my bloody PathFinder!” He Shouts.

For a moment all goes quiet as everyone just looks at the heap of twisted metal. Then, movement. A large figure appears from the crushed walker. Possible the pilot, but whoever he was, he wasn’t friendly. He levelled his weapon and fired at Clyde. Who luckily twisted out of the way as the energy shot harmlessly hit the snow. More weapons fire erupted from the RDF. Which just seemed to get soaked up. Wasn’t just the walker that seemed to have protective shielding. This guy had it too.

Lt Heap moved forward and loaded a fresh clip. He called over to Daniels to cover him as he takes advantage. Of the assailant getting distracted. Unfortunately for Heap, he mistimed it, gets hit and goes down.

Meanwhile, Colin, Clyde and McCallum was about to pull back when the Attacker pushes forward. Now, he couldn’t miss them. He levelled his weapon at McCallum. But before he could fire he was hit from behind. The shot seemed to of gone through his shielding and out through his chest. The large attacker then collapsed to the ground.

Before anyone could work out what just happened Daniels came running over to McCallum.
“Sir, it’s Lieutenant Heap. He’s hit. I’ve treated him with GX gel. But I’ve never seen a wound like it”. She says
“GX Gel?” Asks Obidiah
“We discovered it last year. It revitalises cellular function” Says McCallum.
McCallum moves over to Heap’s position.
“What have you done Frank?” Jeers McCallum
“The bugger got me……Oh man my arm hurts” he says.
“The infirmary has the latest diagnostic equipment”. Says Colin.
“Daniels take him in there and Song, give her a hand.” Orders McCallum.
McCallum was about to starting asking who took down the attacker. When Ritter comes over the comms.
“Contact” he shouts as his mini gun opens up.
He pulls back and links up with McCallum and the rest.
“Another one. He’s got bloody shields as well”. Says Ritter.
Then as they pull back, with a terrified Maine in tow. All he knows is that he came here to fix some ruptured pipes. Then mysterious figure appears.
“Hey! You’re the one who nicked our Pathfinder!” Shouts Colin.

“Hold your fire, I mean you no harm” Says the mysterious newcomer.

The RDF team hold back and soon the torrent of questions followed……

To be continued…..


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