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Chris Pringle

The freaking differences between the Toldi I, II, and IIa (or is it IIA?). III, of which 12 were built I’m cool with.

Oh, Tim, that’s easy: successive upgrades in armour and armament.
Toldi I (k.hk. A20) – first variant armed with 20 mm gun, 80 made. Toldi II (k.hk. B20) – variant with thicker front armour, 110 made. Toldi IIa (k.hk. B40) – modification developed in 1942, armed with 40 mm gun – 80 tanks of earlier variant were rearmed this way. Toldi III (k.hk. C40) – improved variant, only 12 made.
And very cute they are too. I loved painting 3-colour markings on 3-colour camo in 1/300 scale …
Bloody Big BATTLES!

🙂 Thanks Chris, but it’s a lot harder than that, for example how to tell a I from a II. Was there an uparmouring? Some sites say yes, some no. A couple of model companies , IBG in 1/72 and Hobby Boss in 1/35 produce models but show the same turret as the I (correct) but the uparmoured glacis of the 2a (which some sites call 2A) with two rectangular access hatches and no central light versus a single right side grill and armoured centre light. I have found no photographic evidence for such a configuration. The more you look to try and get armour thicknesses to try and differentiate between the I and II for war game stats, the deeper the proverbial rabbit hole becomes. 😀 LOL All the best and Merry Christmas. PS, I’m making headway.

I just wrote a long reply, then the Forum decided not to recognise me and lost it … abbreviated version again here. I should have known better than to trust Wikipedia!

My friend Csaba Becze gives the answer in his book “Magyar Steel”; there is more detail in Bonhardt, Sarhidai and Winkler, “A magyar kiralyi honvedseg fegyverzete”. The main difference between Toldi I and Toldi II was not armour but simply that Toldi II used stronger Hungarian-made torsion springs instead of weak German ones. The other was that Toldi II used an R-5/a radio with rod antenna instead of Toldi I’s R-5 with arc antenna.


Bloody Big BATTLES!