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And if there are no Greeks, why the Trojans can converse with the Mycenaean without translators in the Iliad ?

Or not that we should accept that the conversations occured as Homer reports them – for a start, people don’t ordinarily speak in hexameter – but it’s surely not particularly far-fetched that elite Trojans knew the language of their neighbours, even if it wasn’t their own.It’s an interesting discussion because we will never know but nous can make many logical arguments one way or the other.

Less than 1000 years later there were cities dotting the Anatolian coast that mixed Greek and Anatolian culture.

Could the same not have happened in the Bronze Age ?

It seems unusual to me that the myths would Hellenise the Trojans if there wasn’t some connection between the cultures.

If the Trojans were completely foreign I would imagine the myths stating that “our” heroes with the help of “our” gods triumphed over “their” heroes and gods making “us” superior, rather than myths linking the opponents with language and religion.


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