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Gone Fishing

Outstanding work, NM. Sorry to sound thick-headed, but as I’ve never done such a project before I’d love to have a little more detail on the steps you take in making these.

1.) You dry brush in gun metal and then paint the car colour over it? Is the paint watered down, or applied to let some of the metal show through?

2.) Would love to know what paints you use for rust and dirt.

3.) I love the wire mesh you put over many of the windows. Is this from window screening? (I think somewhere a gamer said they used some sort of mesh used in needlepoint…)

4.) For the armoured plates, do you use cardboard? Thin plastic?

Again, sorry if these are dumb questions, but they would be very helpful to know for a newb like myself. And it’s a compliment! I’d love to achieve a look similar to what you’ve done! Thank you for the inspiring post.