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@ Cerdic

In my opinion it’s not that there are no uniforms that there are no differences…

For example Ian Heath – who also earns his living by being interested in such things, wrote on page 91 of the April 1979 edition of his book WRG entitled “Armies of the Dark Ages 600-1066”: 11th CenturyViking Huscarls would have closely resembled the Anglo Danish Huscal through a round shield, the kite shield apparently not adopted in Scandinavia until the 12th century “.
These are the kinds of differences I wanted to talk about and I would like to hear about them.


YouThe comparison is not valid, it is not people of war who do not have the same ethnic origin and who are at war .

The Norwegians are neither Anglo-Saxons, nor Danes, nor Swedes ect … fighting techniques, may be identical but that’s all, it’s not the same people …

There are necessarily differences even between ScandinaviansĀ  huscarls.

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