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Guy Farrish

@ OB No at the time of Gildas everything had to be very different from the time of the Welsh who are no longer Sub Roman British… There is a reason for the WRG vagueness – lack of knowledge of that period in that place. Personally, I know of no visual representations from the period that interests me, and the archaeology is minimal. Medieval Welsh liked the colour red, they wore a lot of Whites and greens as well as earth tones ? Had a variety of shields and some would have one shoe because it was easier for them to get a grip on the ground from which they fought. Capes were also worn by some ? And they would be mostly white, red or green… There is I believe a a 13th century representation of a Welsh bowman – with a short bow ! Also Most ‘Wargaming Welsh’ are actually a fantasy army… No ? Most English observers just said the Welsh were poorly dressed and left it at that. If Welsh warriors only managed one shoe in the 13th century, they probably managed none before then.The current theory is that they dressed like really really poor Saxons, (obviously not a theory that came from Wales!) I can’t find any record of Welsh shields at all. If you try Googling ‘welsh shields’ every image is of shields found in England. le seul expert actuel je suis au courant est http://heatherrosejones.com/index.html and I am afraid it will confirm how little information there is. Also our own estimates will be as good as someone else’s …

 I think you have been teasing us!

I agree – virtually no evidence at all.

Bad form to quote one’s own thread but see  Welsh one shoe Soldiers

As Ms Jones seems to believe that Welsh (whenever we/they became Welsh -around this period in fact if changing self reference from Brython to Cymro is the test) wore pretty much the same as the English and vice versa, I take it your search for ‘distinctive celticism’ in the uchelwyr thread is itself something of a grail quest – at heart impossible?