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Northern Monkey

Hi Gone Fishing


in answer to your first post:

  1. Yeah I dry brush the entire model in gun metal, the bits that will be bare metal get a heavier dry brush, the bits that will be paint work a lighter dry brush, I then water down the base colour to avoid obvious brush strokes and paint the bits I want as paintwork, not worrying too much about being tidy as the weathering will cover any mistakes
  2. Rust = GW Vermin Brown, Dirt = Vallejo Tan Earth (874), after the wash stage I do a very light dry brush if I think it needs it and have been using a weathering powder here and there to add a dustier effect, and some brighter rust spots(though its not really needed, I just wanted to try them out having had some for years with no real use for them til now)
  3. Sorry I have no idea where this came from I have several different “gauges” of this stuff, mines plastic, but apparently fly screen or bodywork mesh from somewhere like Halfords looks the same
  4. Plastic so far, mainly chopped up armour plating from larger scale plastic model kits(airfix, Tamiya etc) as this has rivets and other features on it, you can pick up part built/incomplete kits very cheap(I was lucky in having been given a load a few years ago) and use almost all of it – turret rings, drive shafts, spare wheels, armour plate, the red car with the driver for eg uses 1:48 scale WW2 british webbing ammo pouches as part of the guns, even the sprues themselves have a number of uses(the yellow bits of sprue on the red ferrari in the tutorial part of my blog post are chopped up Kerplunk straws!)

This was my first go at this sort of stuff, I consider myself an average painter and honestly its quite easy to get a decent effect, plus the cost is fairly minimal.

Second post, currently Gaslands does not have rules for pedestrians, your crew are part of the vehicle and can not leave it voluntarily or otherwise, we have already come up with rules for pedestrians(not the leaping from vehicle to vehicle part though), the rules are easily modded, and I have heard rumour of an expansion which may well cater for this anyway. I heartily recommend these rules for a fun, cinematic and relatively quick game, having tried several different rule sets over the years, these are certainly the best I so far(im not saying they are perfect however but which ruleset is), but for the price(providing you’re happy to print out all the templates etc) its well worth a punt.


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