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John D Salt

Loads – Pike and Shot for one (several actually), but one that is always coming back to niggle me is the T-10 heavy tank – did it really turn up in the Syrian and/or Egyptian armies in the Six Days War? People keep saying it did and you see loads of them in wargame armies for the war but where are the tanks/photographs?

I am pretty sure they were never exported but it won’t stop tales of them causing the Israelis lots of trouble (think poorly identified IS-3) and it won’t go away.

(John Salt will be along in a minute to tell me he has one on his front lawn)

I’ve never heard of T-10s being exported, and can’t find any serious evidence that they were. I was only aware of the Egytians fielding IS-3Ms in 1967, as mentioned in “The Tanks of Tammuz”. There are all those T-10M counters in Avalon Hill’s “Arab-Israeli Wars”, but I think they are just plain wrong, as are the designations of the Israeli Shermans and the “Patturion” (presumably intended to be the Sho’t Kal) in the game.

I don’t have a front lawn, so it is vacuously true that I have a T-10M on my front lawn (or, equivalently, none of my front lawns do not have a T-10M on them).

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