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Hi RB, Crossfire is actually across the rear of the vehicle. See p19, left column, “Flank/Rear Shots”. 🙂 Both that and the above image are a bit problematic in my opinion; it looks reasonable in the illustration because the tanks are close to each other. I haven’t played FOW, but when the actual distances between, for example, the Sherman firing at the Stug, above, become a couple of feet or more, it seems really unreasonable to be firing at the front.


Tim you are correct about Crossfire, but I bring them both up as they’re  more similar than they are different. You are also correct that it can occasionally create weird situations, especially as the vehicles get farther and farther apart. I simply consider this an abstraction, like any other, and this one is the simplest one I’ve found, that is also one of the least offensive, and is my go-to.

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