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I’m sure lots of us remember the “tank stick” from the “Battle!” rules by dear old Charles Grant.

I made a fancy one for my grade 9 industrial arts project!

even though everyone will tell you that German tank drivers in the desert were trained to keep their AFVs angled to the expected direction of attack

I really hate bringing up my peace time armour experience, but I’ve never understood how you can do that. It’s difficult enough to keep your bloody front to the expected direction of attack when advancing to contact. Never did it in the desert myself, but even in the vast rolling plains of Suffield it’s easy to accidentally go broadside when jockeying off a fire position when it’s your turn to leapfrog past or caterpillar up to the leading tanks in your troop/platoon.

I rather think that in real life, flank shots are far more prevalent than in wargames, as real tank Commanders don’t have the 100 foot general situational awareness of Wargamers.

"Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke