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Norm S

I use Blogger and am quite happy with it.

I would say label each post properly, as good organisation now of topics will help later.

and then, if your do fairly lengthy posts, on each post do an opening paragraph, with a photo then put in words to the effect of ‘ use the read more tab for the rest of this post and insert a LINE BREAK and the write up you main article and PUBLISH.

In settings, limit each page to three posts.

So if you have done all of the above, your page will actually have a list of your three most recent posts, with a photo and your opening paragraph and when the reader clicks on (or taps) the read more word, the rest of the post will open up. This who thing just keeps your front page tidy and not overwhelming.

Don’t expect a high rate of comments, I recon around

I wouldn’t normally promote my own blog in these sort of posts, but it may help to visualise all of the above.



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