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Guy Farrish

Games Played:

Sword and Spear: Imperial Roman v Ancient Brits – wondering why the cavalry were so slow before reading the amended QRS which doubles mounted movement from the 2nd edition printed copy. Otherwise a very enjoyable set of rules!

Lion Rampant: Wars of the Roses – not very historical but a great game.

Dux Bellorum: Saxons v Romano Brits – see above.

Next Year?

l’Art de la Guerre – with some 15mm Dacians I’ve been painting up.

A PBEM 1914 Togoland campaign – but I plan on running it rather than playing in it.

Black Ops – possibly depending on whether I ever decide on figures or whether I even need to do it with figures.

Lots of other options depending if I can sort my time out to play more and find more room. Daughter planning on going to Uni this year – she won’t need such a big bedroom if she’s only here a few weeks a year will she? Time to get the 28mm Italian Wars stuff out!