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Stewart Johnson

Yes, I didn’t notice there were several pages of posts before butting in… ๐Ÿ™‚

Uchelwyr disappear with the conquest in 1282 I think, but by then they were knights more or less indistinguishable from English ones.

I would strongly disagree that the Welsh in the 12th century looked much different to contemporary English TBH. There’s bene much talk of ‘Celts’ but at the time no such distinction was made. It’s mainly an 18th century romantic invention.

The Welsh would have recognised kinship with Bretons, but no closer ties to the Irish than anyone else – the languages are quite different.

And contact – indeed intermarriage – with the Normans was common. Llewellyn Fawr had an English wife after all. Traditionally the ruler sof Gwynedd also had very strong familial links to Dublin Vikings and had therefore links to the Norse world as well as Ireland.

None of this speaks to a society which doesn’t change for centuries at a time – whatever the Osprey book states!

The average Welshman was dirt poor, but then so was the average English peasant. Both had access to the same materials and I assume both looked pretty similar.

Except – and this answers a question above, the Welsh were big on moustaches and not so much on beards…

As an aside I’ll recommend Anglo-Welsh Wars 1050-1200 by Stuart Ivinson. Not only because he’s a University friend and used to be my wargaming doubles partner, but because it’s a good book on the period.

He works these days at Royal Armouries…