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Guy Farrish

Stewart I suggest you don’t go round the buoy again – most(all?) of this is well travelled ground!).

I think you may find Paskal has a very clear set of parameters for his search, based more on a Hayden White approach to narrative in history – ie not tied to the procrustean requirements of evidential exactitude. Each rereading is a retelling and as valid as any other.

He wants what he wants and I wish him well.

I frequently ‘make up’ heraldic markings for my high middle ages (Paskal, ce n’est pas le haut moyen age en Francais, qui commence en 476, apres la fin de l’empire romain l’Occident mais l’age qui commence vers 1066-1100 et se termine vers 1450) armies, I see no reason why he shouldn’t make up a ‘Welsh’ army of his choosing.