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Rod Robertson

I have one troop of three A-9 MkI Cruisers in 15mm scale. They are essentially self-propelled, scrap-metal heaps and when played they often fall victim to German anti-tank rifles, heavy machine guns and Panzer II’s. The most ignominious knock out on my gaming table occurred about 7 or 8 years ago when a Pz IB manoeuvred around the flank of an A-9 and put it out of action at about 200 meters range (40 inches on the table) with its machine guns! I loved it (being one of the German commanders in this game, although regretfully not the one who executed the daring manoeuvre and coup de grace). The event sealed the gaming fate of the A-9 and the hate which my fellow gamers now have for this tank and more generally the early Cruiser tanks. Still, in my opinion, it is fun and if it gets the first shot off, it can maul the best the Hun can throw at it. Using these fragile and brittle vehicles takes skill and nerves of steal coupled with good fortune on acquisition rolls. In a way it’s an early metaphor for modern armoured combat’s lethality today, where if you’re seen, you’re likely killed by your enemy’s first landing shot.