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Ruarigh you owe the conversation, you are off topic, I tell you and try to show you a further difference between the Norwegian and Saxon army in 1066 by explaining to you that he had a lot more archers among the “Vikings” and you say me  a discour  about the use of the word “Viking”, sorry but that’s what they’re still called and will be called long – it’s Norwegian, Danish and Swedish – even if you do not like it as well as others and you are off topic, I speak of differences between these army and well for example as in my post of 21/12/2017 at 17:03 ???

And you, you go on the use of modern terms that everyone understands and admits even if they are not appropriate (something we do not care about) as “viking”, “national” and that we will use even if it displeases you, that for more facilities ……

Well, I bet you that in 1066, the Norwegians had many more archers than the Saxons for the reasons explained in my post of 21/12/2017 at 17:03 !

Here is a nice difference of organization and certainly of tactics between Vikings -LOL- and Saxons in 1066 and there must be others …

I hope you know that the Saxons have always had the reputation of having very few archers it’s not a legend I hope ?