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So, for those of us who maintain active blogs, what motivates you? How do you keep your mojo moving?

Partly I use it as a campaign diary so that is pretty self-motivating.  Otherwise, since I am mainly a solo gamer, it is a way of connecting with other gamers out there.  Hopefully some of the reviews and detailed play-throughs and notes are helpful to other gamers; some of the reviews can also be used as scenarios in their own right, so for a modicum of effort it might be possible to help others.  As a gradual process, I also find it a way of encouraging myself to create prettier set-ups and play and design better games, without getting too precious about it.

I like chatting on forums sometimes, and I feel that they are the natural home of questions and discussions; but reviews and detailed notes on games are better on blogs – so I act accordingly.

I suppose if there were no interest at all by anyone else in any of it, I would still keep it but as a more private campaign diary and notebook (And I do have a private blog too).