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Roger Calderbank

The games I like to play haven’t changed much in the last few years. I’m also fortunate enough to play a reasonably large number in the year. The highlight was probably my birthday Basic Impetus tournament, but in terms of games played:

3 played:
To the Strongest! – somehow using cards rather than dice increases the tension.
Baroque – for me, the ‘Impetus’ system worked fine for the 30 Years War. Visits to Lutzen and Breitenfeld increased the interest.
Lasalle – maybe Napoleonics ‘lite’, but the limited number of turns makes for time pressure.

3 to play:
Square Bashing: but now for my new Russo-Japanese war troops.
Maurice: always gives good games. I don’t get to play it enough.
For King and Parliament: can TtS! convert to ECW and 30YW?