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Roger Calderbank

Good to hear that Pike and Shotte worked for you.

I wonder if the predictability of games is because most rules of this (and maybe other) periods make victorious cavalry too controllable. It is rare for rules to make such cavalry pursue their defeated opponent, or simply mill around trying to reform. It is equally rare that the horses are too exhausted for further action. It should be hard (need a good commander) to ‘head inward’ onto the infantry. I guess most players don’t like units misbehaving (particularly if they are commanding the cavalry!). It would make for very different outcomes if, in most games, the cavalry were spent, one way or another, after they had clashed with the opposing cavalry, and the infantry had to resolve the battle themselves.

I find Baroque fun, but it doesn’t solve the cavalry problem. I will be interested to see how ‘Twilight of Divine Right’ works, and also ‘For King and Parliament’ which are the forthcoming ECW varient of ‘To the Strongest!’