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Norm S

I just post links at forums with a description of content – no pictures, I reckon by time I have do a lengthy post and travelled through several forums to put links, then I have done my bit. I am hoping that by reputation, people will want to click on my link. I don’t make any money out of my blog and I know some people really like it, but if others need spoon feeding with an image first, then I’m OK losing them, it makes no difference to me, the material is already posted though they might have missed out, one will never know.

My blasé attitude to this has some roots in the amount of work that goes into a post, but because it is free, it is generally taken for granted. My most recent post is an in depth look at a game system, it is over 5,000 words long, illustrated and played the game 12 time for a proper feel of the system. It took several days to write and edit, a reader would be able to make a buying decision based upon it. As of today it has had 1309 hits ………. but wait for it! ………. just 10 comments have been added, what is that all about?

My next post is for publishing on Christmas morning, it’s honest intent is that anyone who has time on their hands on this day, which is not a great day for everyone, can at least have some new wargame content to read, on a day in which internet content drops to zilch. So far I am at just under 8000 words and will post Christmas morning. My intentions all revolve around sharing and supporting the community … and some will only click if there is a picture ……. really!

I came across this same thing at TMP over a year ago, there was a forum discussion about ‘lazy bloggers who won’t post a picture’! and a few people became rude and the conversation went into decline. I pulled the plug on the blog in dismay, a mistake on my part and re-instated it a few months later, but I have not posted to TMP since.

Now going for a lay down 🙂



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  • This reply was modified 3 years, 9 months ago by Norm S.
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