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Rory McCreadie

Hi All,

I’m back from chemo. I see my life as B.C. (Before Cancer) and A.D. (After Drugs). My B.C. life is over! I’m now into A.D. life. This life is not worse just different.  I hope to start painting again. Something I must do. As you can see in my photo B.C. me had long hair. As I know I will loose my head I cut it off. So A.D. starts with a new short haired me. Must start painting. My Chemo is in cycles. 2 plus hour of pumped with drugs (Poison) then 21 days of tablet chemo. I week off, Oh! scans and tests then start all over again. They tell me it does not get better as you go on! Must paint!

Thanks for all your support.

Be safe

Rory A.D.

He who says he makes no mistakes, is making the biggest mistake of all. Or does bugger all. Rory