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John Treadaway

Russell – the easy way for me to answer that is to quote Jim himself:

I wanted a ‘modern’ rule set and there weren’t any that I felt caught the true feel of Twentieth century warfare (and that’s a polite way of saying that none of them pandered to my preconceptions.) So I wrote my own. We’ve used them for Boer war all the way through to near future. I confess I’m not sure when the first edition of Hell by Daylight rules came out. It’s so long ago they were written using a typewriter, with regular application of snopake to cover up the errors.

I haven’t the faintest idea how many games I’ve played with these rules, and I know from correspondence that many other people have used them. They’ve stood the test of time, so I’ve tried not to tinker too much here with what is the Hell by Daylight: ‘the second edition’. One area that people did mutter into their beers about in version one was the armour rules. Because it was a skirmish set I never really took much account of armour when I wrote the initial edition. Yet players want to have partisans hunting Tiger 1s and similar so I’ve pandered to this. Please note that – in this first section – I deal with fire, movement and morale with vehicles, aircraft and scenarios in later sections.

My emphasis in bold.

Jim wanted chance to the new improved rules and I wanted to give it to him!

John Treadaway


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