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Games I played in 2017:

1. L’Art De La Guerre. As I mentioned before I’ve really been enjoying this game and it got me into ancients.

2. Warhammer 40k 8th Edition. After not having played 40k for a while I thought it would be nice to try the new edition. Our first run got bogged down by all the special rules each unit has but I think the game deserves a 2nd smaller go at some point.

3. Dropfleet Commander. This is on the list because it’s a bit unusual from what I normally play. The space combat and spaceships where fairly interesting but I’m not sure if I like the transportation objective focus. Guess that come with the name though.

Games I want to play in 2018.

1. L’Art De La Guerre as I’m enjoying the game I obviously want to play more of it.

2. By Fire and Sword. I’ve got a fairly large collection of Swedes and I’m working on Polish. I’d really like to get the models on the table soon.

3. Too the Strongest. I’ve hearing a lot of good things about these rules I would love to try them out sometime. I don’t have a grid mat though.