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Shaun Travers

I don’t participate in forums very much – I see them more as discussion and I do write something as times, just not as often as others.

I do maintain a blog but I post on average about once every two weeks (it would be better to say about 24 a year as I post with an irregular schedule), and have done so since 2009. So it could be said I don’t blog all that much either!   My blog posts tend to be very long and I believe they are there for future reference – I have had people email me about posts from years ago.  I do not think that would happen with a forum post – the latter (and Facebook) seem ephemeral.

I used to post a link to every new blog post in forums but do less of that now as I am far less concerned with ‘hits’ than I used to be.  When I started the blog, I did not concern myself with hits but then after a few years I became a little more concerned and in the last few years have gone back to “if people find it of interest they will read it, else they won’t”.  I started the blog to show in detail rules mechanisms ans that was a gap I had found across the internet.  It is much less of a gap, and I seem to be posting a lot more AARs using my rules.    I would like to go back to posting more rule mechanism posts. Motivation?  I do not question it – part of it is I like to write stuff, the other part is I think at least a few others with be interested and so continue to write.