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Good sense of action and adventure in those AARs. Nice terrain set-up, too.

Solo play? Handful of figures per side? Why have I never heard of Nuts! before?

It was popular some 5-10 years back, but like a lot of rulesets it kind of faded into the background once it wasn’t new anymore. That’s not to say it’s “gone” by any means, but it just doesn’t seem to be talked about in the online community as much as it used to.

I kind of have the impression that’s what’s happened to THW overall, as well. They were the talk of the town for a while in the indie wargaming scene (partly because of their prolificness as rules publishers, and also partly because of their unorthodox “Chain Reaction” system of rules design that tended to evoke strong love-it-or-hate-it feelings). They’re still around and active, but it seems to me they don’t come up in online conversation nearly as much as they used to.

I must admit I was turned off by the THW rulesets back in the day – they just seemed too abnormal and controversial. But now that I’m more into solo gaming and into gameplay that focuses on storytelling instead of tactical “crunchiness” (the THW rulesets were famous/infamous for having much of the action play out itself using tables and charts instead of letting players handle the decision-making on behalf of their figures at every instance), I’m starting to see them in a new light.