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A Lot of Gaul

Warhammer. Although I do not play or enjoy WFB or WAB, it is nonetheless my favourite ‘family’ of wargames rules based on the following criteria:

  1. Favorite period: Ancients
  2. Sub-period: Classical Europe (c. 400 BC – 300 AD)
  3. Scale: Grand Tactical (i.e. ‘Big Battle’)
  4. Table size: 6′ x 4′ (180cm x 120cm)
  5. Typical close-order unit frontage: 12cm (120mm)
  6. Ruleset: Swordpoint, designed by Martin Gibbins, who also authored Warhammer Ancient Battles (WAB) 2.0. The core mechanics of WAB were originally based in large part on the 5th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Other Ancients rulesets based on similar core mechanics include Battlestandard Ancient Rules (BAR), Crusader, Clash of Empires, Hail Caesar, War & Conquest, and Swordpoint.

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