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John D Salt

and maybe the Poles(?) in Italy.

AIUI the Poles (and other Britanski tankisti) in Italy used the Sherman As (as we should call M4(76)s in British money) as Sherman C (17-pr Sherman) substitutes (although, supplementarily, not all regiments in Normandy doled out individual 17-pdr Shermans to troops — I think Staffs Yeo in particular kept them concentrated in a specialist troop at squadron level). I believe that the Poles in NWE cheerfully accepted the Sherman Cs they were issued, but without returning the Sherman As, so Polish armoured squadrons might have all of 75mm, 76mm, and 17-pr guns.

I am hoping it should not be too long before Paul Latawski finishes the book he is working on about the Polish Armoured Division in NWE.

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