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Shaun Travers

For Christmas day, my parents gave me Alexander the Great – the truth behind the myth. It could be an interesting read, especially as I am a big Philip II fan and while I think Alexander was great, there were better (such as his Dad).

But my big score was to me last week and like to think of it as my Christmas present. A guy posted up on the local Facebook gaming marketplace was selling five boxes of Heroscape for AUD$180 (maybe about 20-25% of what it would cost new).  I bought the first box about 3 years ago from a second hand store for AUD$25 (about 20% of new) and my son and I play that occasionally.  We have a lot more now!  I have crazy ideas of using the minis for SF skirmish.  Not sure yet of what to use the hexes for – 6mm gaming is the first thing that comes to mind.