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Well Lets try this again.

It has been too quiet on this topic so here is what I have been beavering away at over the holidays so far.

In the spirit of Ben’s Soldiers site I have been making balsa buildings for Afghanistan. The thicker wood making the bulk of the buildings is 3/8″ which works out to about 10 feet. The thinner material is about 1 mm and smooths out the surfaces of the end cuts and provides material for the compound and roof top walls. I plan on coating the wood with straight or slightly thinned carpenter’s glue to provide a surface suitable for taking paint. I hope to find a light sand spray can.


The first picture is basic building blocks to be assembled into various Afghan compounds.

Here are some complete compounds based on GC minis designs.

Here are some 30 year old helis. The Mi-8 with the washer glued to the blades for strength (yet to be painted) is by C in C. The other Hip is Heroics and Ros. The two Hind As are GHQ (no rotors) and H&R.

These are all H&R. The right side up Hind is on some plastic stand which I have glued a super magnet to to represent low level flight. The inverted Hind shows how I have glued a nut to the bottoms of the helis. They also hold the Hinds level while “landed” as well as work with the stands.

Finally some Soviet Airborne troops I have gotten around to painting. They are set M7 and include three or four strips of basic troops and two strips of each heavy weapons sets.

Here is a close up of the troopers.

Just as a comparison here are some eastern front buildings made from materials acquired decades ago. The unpainted one shows the construction, two lengths of 3/8″ square acrylic capped by a 3/4″ triangle stock. The ends are capped with thin, in this case clear, styrene. The rods are sold in lengths. I do not remember if they were 3, 4, 6 or 8 foot long. I still have a bag of cut lengths and about a dozen and a half made up buildings of various lengths and heights.