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Norm S

It looks like you eventually got there with a photography solution that suits you. I think you got a good deal on the lights.

The two shots that you show 1) natural light 2) LED are quite different, different enough that I think you might want to get them looking closer. This looks to be a white balance issue. Check out your LED’s and see what the white balance rating is, it will either mention a Kelvin value (such as k3600), or describe them as warm light or cold light.  there is a big difference, but having control of you white balance settings will give you control of your colour reproduction accuracy.

Some camera software allows the camera setting to change its white balance or to have a customisable setting, you can also do it post processing, but generally to do this software wants a RAW file (where all the shooting information has been retained) rather than a JPEG file (where a lot of that information is lost as the camera does some instant automatic processing to the shot, the effect of which is hard to reverse).

Your boats are beautiful.