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FWIW, I’ve been guilty of using the word “basecoat” incorrectly from time to time – usually because I meant to say “undercoat”.

Properly, I prime/undercoat with white gesso (Liquitex) because I’ve given up on outdoors-use spray products altogether (I just find them too inconvenient and downright ornery, to the point where my former reliance on them became a constant hindrance to actually getting on with the hobby). I use an old size 4 brush to apply a fairly thin layer of undiluted gesso. A little goes a long way, and unlike some other gesso users I don’t subscribe to the notion that even thick layers of the stuff will shrink very thin as it dries. My primer/undercoat never doubles as my basecoat on any part of any figure, model or terrain piece I paint. It all gets painted over with separate basecoats, “blocked in”.

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