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I have given up on FB pretty much.

My issues are:

The FB homepage is filled with all manner of content, TWWs homepage is just gaming news.

My Angel Barracks FB business page has 785 followers, but FB will not show content I post there to them all, it’s algorithms ensure that not everyone who has asked to be shown news, sees it; it will ‘hide’ news from many of those followers.
TWW does not ‘hide’ news on its front page from viewers, nor will it purposefully fail to inform people of new replies when they have subscribed to a topic in order to get you stump up cash.

Gaming businesses can pay to have adverts appear in peoples timelines, but for AB it costs about £24.00 a news item.
If I do one a month that is £288.00 a year compared to the £60.00 a year here.
Also the FB adverts are not targeted solely at gamers, so you are paying to reach people that quite possibly could not care less.


There are millions of FB users, only a teeny fraction will be my target audience.
TWW has a mega teeny fraction of the users that FB does, but they are all my target audience.

As David noted, you can reach a lot more people on FB by posting to a lot of groups.
But having been in a number of 6mm groups myself, I found it annoying to see the same people posting the same news in a number of groups.
It felt like I was being spammed. 
Forum content also shows up a lot more in Google searches than FB content.
If you are going to try and search for something online, the chances are you will go to Google, and in doing so, your forum content will be listed and the FB content wont.
And so on….


I have had Traders cancel their advertising as they say they get more hits from FB.
Looking into the last one as an example however, in two years of being on TWW they never sent in a banner, posted in the forums and never submitted a single news item?
Their FB activity however was much more frequent.
So it is no surprise that TWW provided less traffic…

Another common reason for people not using TWW is that it is not as busy as they would like.
I have stopped replying to this with my standard answer though now, which is that if everyone who said it was too quiet, used it themselves, it would be heaving..
You can lead a horse to water and all that…

I can’t help wonder if people have become jaded with the forum concept for some reason and because of FB’s popularity, see that as being the only place to reach lots of people?

Forums I find are much better for conversations than FB, better for fostering community and better for long term relationship building, as well as being a specific tool for a specific job.
But than I would be pro-forum I guess, it is how I put food on the table!