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I stole the setting from Monster Hunter the console game. I like the idea of humans being the hunted but also want to open up the possibility of normal settings. Plus having a normal civilization somewhere help explains where they get weapons and armor from.


The style is indeed influenced by cartoons and computer games like Kingdom Rush. I like the generic look, keeps me from being too attached to the characters. Nothing makes me cheat like seeing the character I spent 2 days painting die (I still cheat though, next episode is full of it).

I do have goblins and a few other monsters in the game but the three times I rolled on the encounter table, beastmen came up twice and the other was soldiers. I could have painted the goblins blue/gray for kobolds.

Terrains are a mix of 3D printing and FIMO. The trees and the basic shape of the fort in next episode are 3D printed, every thing else was sculpted out of FIMO. The campaign hexes are bathroom tiles with sand for forest.