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What would that be mate?

Base thickness.
With say 28mm figures a 2mm MDF base does not make an unbased building look too short.
However I find that a 6mm figure when on a 2mm thick base rises the figure off the gaming surface enough (2 feet in ‘real’ terms) that a normal building looks short, as the now 8mm tall figure is bigger than any doorway.
I can only assume that a 2mm figure on a 2mm base would make a 2mm building now appear massively undersized.

So, do you base your buildings to raise them up to the same starting level as the feet of your troops?
If so, do you then put these based buildings onto the bigger scenic town bases so that when a base of troops is put on the bigger scenic base it is still on the same level as the based buildings…

When making ANSHAN I wanted it to blend with the tabletop which meant having a thin a big scenic base as possible.
So I used steel sheets, they are thin, so they are almost flush with the tabletop, they also dont warp and have a bit of heft so they don’t slide around much.