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Cool! Love a bit of space western. Starport Scum is serving you well for this kind of gameplay, then?

Yes I find Starport Scum perfect for this type of game play. I don’t have the time or imagination or friends to run  proper rpg game with D20 and deep lore.

Starport Scum enables me to build characters as deep or simple as I want. It has simple combat that is affected by the character traits and weapons/gear carried. There are different levels of character ranging from cannon fodder up to near invulnerable.

The character traits and weapons are entirely up to me to invent.  So for example Ulrich Nolan has Survivalist – immune to harsh environmental conditions (I forgot to have any this game), Hunter – +1d6 when attacking non humans. He also has a powerful gun that ignores armour, but if he moves and shoots he loses 1d6 on his attack. All of that I pretty much made up after reading the guidelines a few times.

When it comes to doing stuff, there are guidelines for that too. For example, if Sara had passed her negotiation roll (must get 5 or 6 on both d6 rolls) she may not have had to fight every lawman.

The whole thing just provides a framework for me to make a story.