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Ian Marsh

Fighting 15s receives substantially more traffic from Google searches

I’m saying this more in regard to news updates than to advertising,

I don’t publish news on any wargames website either. Targeted forum posts and my own news page are more effective. News posts on wargames websites are in effect advertising, because no editor of a wargames website edits them for publication and for two sites at least you pay to post them through trader/supporting membership. Paid-for editorial is advertorial BTW, not news.  😁

I innocently assumed that the web address and contact email in my profile details on TWW would appear – but they don’t. They do on Lead Adventure, which is my usual haunt. TWW is only an occasional check-in.

Google, BTW, outperforms the next highest source (TMP’s manufacturers directory) by 20 to 1, and TMP’s directory outperformed advertising or news posts when I did them by 50 to 1. Referrals from news posts that have appeared on TWW, TMP, Beasts of War, and TGN were disappointing. Paying for advertising or for the right to publish “news” is therefore not cost effective.


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