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Mike Headden

The bulk of my wargaming info, these days, comes from either TWW or the Pendraken Forum, both of which I find friendly and informative.

On Ian’s point on ROI of paying for web presence I’d say that the difference it makes to me (and I may be a minority of one!) is in the type of spend rather than necessarily amount spent.

If I see regular “we have a new range/ a new set of figures/ a sale/ a demo of our rules” or whatever I’ll often go, look and buy on impulse. If there’s a decent website but no regular posts (or at least no posts where I’m looking) I will find the site but only go if I remember they have a range that might fit a project I’m working on.

Fighting 15’s is a prime example of the latter. I had long planned to do NW Europe WW2, either 1940 or 1944. I trawled sites looking at 10mm/ 6mm and 3mm alternatives and spent months dotting backwards and forwards working out what I wanted, needed and could afford and settled on 1940 period 3mm O8 stuff. Worked out a spend, spread over a number of months and was eventually ready to go ahead and buy the stuff from Fighting 15s when I spotted news that another company had released 15mm figures I was interested and the spend for Fighting 15s moved a couple of months into the future, then I decided my lead mountain was quite big enough so there was another gap of several months until I changed my mind once again and started buying 3mm Germans and Brits for 1944. The money for medium bomber air support and a beefing up of the tank components of both forces vanished of to Brigade Miniatures recently as I saw here that they had a sale on.

So Fighting 15s got the bulk of the money I’d intended to spend with them without needing to advertise themselves, just a a slightly different time.

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