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Guy Farrish

I thought I’d had a conversation with Whirlwind about this somewhere, but I can’t find it. Best I can see is a comment on the Nantwich refight  – that led me to search his blog. That has an explanation of what he was doing at one time to turn it into a solo friendly mechanism.

Whether this is still his preferred method – looks as if it would work (I haven’t tried it yet) – I don’t know.

With any luck he’ll be along shortly with the answer himself.

(If not, as I say, his blog may hold the key!)

Re Cropredy

Thanks for the write up Whirlwind – excellent as always.

Accounts of Cropredy are confused at best.

I think you may have been a bit mean with the cavalry figures for the Royalists – total cavalry with Charles numbered c4,000-5,000 in 4 brigades – so probably nearer 2,000 in Cleveland and Northampton’s brigades? And at some stage (maybe later than the time frame your action covered – although Brooks* reckons it had an effect on the outcome) the King’s lifeguard made an appearance as well, coming back from Hay’s bridge and checking Middleton’s horse.

Your Royalists may have had a better chance of following their forbears victory in those cirumstances!

Lovely write up – just the right level for me – thanks.

*Richard Brooks, Cassell’s Battlefields of Britain & Ireland (London: Weidenfeld and Nicholson, 2005) p.447