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They vary…

From L-R we’ve got – Black Hat Indian Civilian (tiny, about 15mm to top of head), Xyston Rower (scales with the Xyston minis you have as bandits – he’s crouching a bit in this pose, he’s the tallest mini in terms of scale), A Middleages lady and daughter from Donnington New Era (15/16mm to eye I reckon), 2 more indian civilians from Black Hat.

All in all I’m perfectly happy with their height (and variety) but it helps it’s such a mixed bag of styles too – adds to the multicultural melting pot I want from my ancient city.

After more civilians? I’d start with Forged in Battle (greek villagers pack or maybe Roman citizes) if they fit your world… those scale pretty nicely with Copplestone (slighter, but same height-ish).

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