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The big thing, however, is gamers who post pictures of their projects, which excite customers because these posts show what can be done;

^^ This ^^

I don’t keep up with industry news at all. I simply don’t care. If I get involved in a project, then I’ll research the companies that may have something useful for the project. Not the other way around.

The only wargame site I participate in is TWW. I may still have an active account at LAF and I know my account at TMP is long, long aslumber. I occasionally browse both of those sites. I rarely find anything on TMP of interest (and to be honest, TMP has a lot of extraneous static which annoys me).  There’s more of interest for me at LAF but I rarely find enough inspiration to log in and comment let alone post anything about my projects. I check TWW multiple times a day to keep up, though I go straight to the forums and pay no attention to news items.

I do click from blog to blog to blog following posts of related genres. And as Ian Marsh says above, if I find a user project that inspires me, I note companies that provided figures or rules, etc. That’s the most effective advertising, as far as I’m concerned. True, unsolicited customer testimonials. I don’t use any other type of social media.

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