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Pretty bad rolls all though this play except the very end, I rolled 6s on a D6 six times out of 12 for what each character thought of the plans. The dice god wasn’t on my side.

This play was entirely using Usurper rules, I could have sued a few tables from Dungeon Scum if I had remembered. Also since Erska and Arian were combat oriented I wanted the other two to be useful in other things. Made Jones negotiate extensively to try to get him to gain a trait but he barely manged to succeed and many times with consequences. Depp was pretty hopeless, the one time i figure I should get him to roll something he failed miserably.

With only four characters left I started using the injury table instead of having them killed. Towns are more forgiving than the wildlands after all.

I didn’t expect an indoor scene so didn’t prepare any dungeon terrain for Depp to explore but man that was a series of bad roll. I cheat so many times to not have him killed or captured. It was exciting though.

The party gained Canyon Gate as an enemy. At the end of a day/episode in addition to the usual D6 roll I also do enemy action roll.


Depp’s little adventure

Tried to escape out the window – failed with consequence guard below.

Tried to jump on the guard below – failed, interrupted, guard came in the room.

Attack the guard – failed.

Ran down through the kitchen – success.

Run out through the main gate – failed, unexpected event inner gate closed.

Run back up the wall – success with consequence guards cornered him.

Even Jones’ negotiation failed, and the inn keeper ratted them out.

They ran tried to shake the guards – failed with consequence Depp tripping.

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