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Planned games so far (as in, I’ve done the maps and scenarios and sorted out the toys) include an Army level Marne game, the battle for Bayeux in Normandy, a Brigade sized Eastern front game and I want to re run another early war east front scenario (Mtensk).

Playing around with a Brigade level WW2 rule set, some variations on the Portable Wargame and I want to revise my Corps level WW1 trench warfare set.

Got a few modelling projects, an early war Pz 38 battalion to do, the rest of a Panther battalion, I need to get some more medium and heavy artillery and I’ve got some conversions on some soft skins to make command vehicles. A load of 15mm WW1 Russians will shortly be arriving too.

So, plenty to keep busy!

"Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke