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Sane Max

I have never thought about it as a ‘toy soldier’ v ‘model kit’ issue, and now I do, I don’t feel it strongly.

But add me to the list of people that dislike multi part figures where there is no need for them to be so.

where it’s to avoid undercutting problems I can see the point – an arm, a flag etc. That’s common now in 1/72 and causes me no grief.

I mean the sets where it’s implied you can mix and match the parts, and pose them as you wish etc to get a huge variety of figures from a limited set of parts. Most of them, unless you are willing to infringe the basic rules of human anatomy, you really don’t end up with lots of different poses at all, and the time spent cutting and trimming and sticking is a major PITA to me, no pleasure involved. I have seen armies of 28mm plastic figures where the resultant poses are frankly ludicrous, combining an insane level of animation (everyone lunging forward at the same time) with the ability to get arms into places no human (or orc) arm could ever go.

My favourite 1/72 manufacturer actually takes the figures off the sprue for you – they come in a little ziplock bag inside the box. Gets my vote! ๐Ÿ™‚

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