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piers brand

Apart from the high end modelling, the game has a railway and roads/hedges that don’t parallel the table edges!!

Yes, in the past year, I’ve read on a modeller forum that one of the keys to nice dioramas is not to have things parallel to the sides. 🙂 I figured it would apply to wargames too! And clearly that’s correct; good god, Piers, this is “flocking” gorgeous – please note the double/triple entendre there! 🙂 I always love looking at Piers’s vehicles (even if they are based, LOL – I can’t resist the poke, sorry), figures and scenery, this is no exception. EDIT: Hopefully Piers sees this or perhaps someone else can answer – what is the really lovely looking “bush type” material being used? It’s especially prevalent in the last picture around the front of the 105. I would normally use lichen for this sort of thing, but this material is particularly effective and I’d like to buy a bale or two of it. 🙂


It is indeed clump foliage used in model railways. I just have a big box of it that I scatter liberally everywhere!


And those tanks aint based… 😉