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For me, it’s all part of the same hobby, just with a different emphasis. After all, there isn’t much distinction made between the ‘painters’ and the ‘gamers’ in the hobby,  so why should the ‘modellers’ be excluded?

A multipart kit poses no great difficulty. provided it is (A) well designed (parts breakdown; rational use of single piece Vs multiple mouldings etc) (B) well manufactured (little flash, lots of flash is a mask of worn production moulds; good fit of parts, needing little filling/filing; and minimal distortion of parts, ditto) and (C) decent instructions (an exploded diagram, showing where, and which way around, pieces go is satisfactory). Quick build kits are fine too, provided they conform to the same requirements.

Back in the day of making Airfix kits, I too used staples most of the time, hiding the join up under the hull. (I just used the stapler Tim!) The ‘hot screwdriver’ and thread techniques both got used too. One disadvantage of the heating method was that you could melt the tracks too much.

As to durability, I’ve got some 30 year old stuff that’s still knocking around intact (eg the ESCI sdkfz 251s with multiple individual wheels). The odd hatch and small part occasionally comes away, but that’s what glue is for!