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Much of which (should) get factored into tabletop movement rates. I’ve never felt the need to add masses of fleeing civilians into my games either

Oh dear, I’m afraid  do have columns of fleeing civilians too.

As Guy notes, this partly depends on the level of game and whether logistics has any role to play at all. I wouldn’t bother with this stuff in a battalion level WW2 game, nor a Corps level WW1 trench assault apart from dumped ammo.

Army level APW though? With all those straggling columns, and poor old Benedecks half starved troops slogging along a singleetrack in Bohemia? There is a reason a Prussian Corps took 50km of road space. And yes, you can just stretch the units out vertically as V&B does, or can shove a load of wagons in the way too.

I appreciate this stuff isn’t for everyone. Sometimes I just use all the logistic elements to decorate the various formation HQs. Railheads make a nice table top feature.

"Mistakes in the initial deployment cannot be rectified" - Helmuth von Moltke