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Angel Barracks

Ooh yeah? What thoughts? I was thinking of picking up the Fougou terrain ruins to dip my toe in the water.

Well it would need to be something significant to drive out the original inhabitants.
The next thing is, are they still here?
I was thinking maybe something that dwells under the sand, worms are the obvious answer, but it could be something else.
If it was nasty poisonous worms that struck, like some sort of plague/unnatural swarm, maybe they are now dormant.
Maybe the new folks will start to awaken them.

Maybe the settlers will start getting picked off.
Maybe a few will suss this out and live up high and make shelter on tops of ruined columns with rope bridges between one hut and the next.

Maybe Black Lotus is spread all over the place and it causes men to go mad, the resulting hallucinations could make anyone look like anything.
That man with a horned helmet may seem like a minotaur, so why not use a minotaur model?

Just random musings really.