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Yooo, show some pix of the cars!

I have been meaning to do some 6mm scale cars, but for sci-fi.  My 15mm ones won’t all transfer scales (detail wise) so some new designs or redesigns will be necessary.  That said, yes, variety is very important to me.  You can only paint so many of the same design in different colors before it all looks monotonous (unless you’re in eastern europe in the 80’s and everything is a Lada, then it’s just normal…).  I am guessing, however, that for the most part the offerings available out there are as Mike says, intended to Architectural models (and the universe knows I have used them often enough over the years for just that) where there doesn’t need to be a great variety as they are just there for scenery flavor.  The more variety you have the more distracting they become in a model’s whose purpose is to show off the BUILDING not the heterogenousness of imaginary city traffic.

Now, that said, companies that focus on modern 6mm games should indeed take a look this and put some civie stuff out.  Too often people forget that normal people are often caught in the spaces between the armies during a fight, and their possessions are often destroyed in the fight, or even used for cover.  Put the bug in the ears of GHQ and the like!  Get them moving!

"I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."