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Guy Farrish

Yes to that John!

I hamfistedly tried to allude to the WRG rules with my initial comment about artillery lurking behind bits of coloured wool/thread at the back of the table (I should have mentioned the notes about about how far back they were as well).

I quite like games where logistics are the puzzle – but to work for me they are generally a distinctly different beast than a logistics ‘bit’ tagged on to a ‘regular’ tabletop clash at the sharp end.

I suppose one of the real reasons for me not having many limbers etc (particularly the etc) in many of my games has been that the rules used didn’t really do anything with them.

Where their role IS modelled – I think I mentioned Megablitz above somewhere – I buy them and use them (and it concentrates the mind).

I quite like logisitics games but trying to mix them with a ‘classic’ last hundred yards battle doesn’t really work for me, as there are two focal points of the modelling going on, and my brain has trouble enough with one. If those functions can be separated and fulfilled by different people in the same game then again fun can be had, with the ‘fighting’ end insisting on yelling for supplies/ammunition and missing the point of keeping all those vehicles and stores moving smoothly and properly accounted for.

But that is probably another dicussion.