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Chris Pringle

The question I’m interesting in posing is do you re-fight battles? What do you see as the benefits & the pitfalls?

Yes, routinely. Our battles are almost invariably historical ones, which means they generally pose unique tactical puzzles, often famous ones. An obvious benefit is that players can try using different plans to crack these puzzles. Another is as Kyoteblue says, if you swap sides, you get more insight into the problems faced by each side. Swapping sides also irons out any imbalance in the scenario. Sometimes one motive for replaying a game is if it was complex terrain to set up, it’s just easier to leave it set up for a week and replay it. Classic battles especially tend to get demanded as replays. And then occasionally there are ones that people just love, for whatever reason, and want to play again.

Pitfalls? Sort of a variant on Ochoin’s “loss of surprise” is the problem of the “DS solution”: with some games, it soon becomes obvious what both sides’ best plan is, and once everyone knows that, it can feel a bit like going through the motions. But really that’s very rare. The only real pitfall is that, since there are so many more battles to fight than opportunities to fight them, any replay is going to elbow aside another battle I’d like to try for the first time!


Bloody Big BATTLES!